Listed June 5, 2015

QuadraFlare 6×4

  • Condition: New
  • Model: QL64SFC-RC WITH QL64MC & QL64Z3H- RIGHT
  • Price: $221.00

QuadraFlare 6×4

QuadraFlare 6×4 by Federal Signal are Exterior Mount / Perimeter Warning Lights


  • Advanced Solaris LED reflector technology in a 6x4 package
  • Surpasses NFPA and GSA K-spec compliant upper and lower level requirements
  • Offered with built-in flasher featuring a variety of selectable patterns
  • Five-year LED warranty
Additional Options
  • Optional Chrome -plated trim bezel
  • LEDs available in Amber, Blue, Green, Red or White
  • Brake/Tail/Turn, Turn Arrow and Back-up light models also available

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