Listed June 5, 2015

MicroPulse Warning Lights

  • Condition: New
  • Model: MPS300-W (3 LEDS) MPS600-AA(6 LEDS) MPS1200-RR(12 LEDS)
  • Price: (3 LEDs) $98.00 (6 LEDs) $144.00 (12LEDs) $165.00

MicroPulse Warning Lights

MicroPulse Warning Lights by Federal

Signal MicroPulse Exterior Mount/ Perimeter Warning Lights


  • Multiple mounting options for various applications
  • Super slim design to offer wider range of mounting areas
  • Three-year LED warranty
Additional Options
  • Superior warning with three(3 LED) lights, six(6 LED) lights, or twelve(12 LED) high-powered LED lights with
  • Single/multi-unit synchronization

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