Listed July 2, 2015

Message Board

  • Condition: New
  • Model: MB1
  • Price: 1500.00

Message Board

Message Board MB1 is a public safety messaging system that incoporates an LED message display board with an internally-mounted controller. The controller  enables the vehicle operator to activate the message display board and select from a pre-determined list of messages. The system comes with a default set of messages as well as PC software that allows the administrator to create custom messages.


  • Hardware kit with mount brackets and carriage bolts
  • Board connects to controller via CATs serial cable
  • LED display can be dimmed to adjust message contrast
  • Keypad has adjustable contrast
  • LCD display had adjustable contrast
  • System comes equipped with a default message set
  • PC software allows administator to create custom message sets
  • Messages can be customized with a variety of features
  • MB1 memory capacity can hold over 500 messages
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