Listed May 10, 2018

AKRON Valves

  • Condition: New

Akron Valves

Akron Valves offers a wide variety of valves to meet the demands of today’s fire service.

Every Akron apparatus valve features the unique Swing-Out design for quick and easy servicing. No need to remove valves from the plumbing.

The Swing-Out Valve bodies and adapters are constructed of high quality brass and other corrosion resistant material.

Akron Swing-Out Valves feature self-adjusting seats (no o-rings to cut or tear during servicing).  Creating a quality seal to hold pressure and vacuum in both directions, along with durable handles and handle stops.  All built for rugged use.

A unique one-piece stop plate allows the handle to be quickly changed to 8 different positions by removing a single bolt.  All Swing-Out Valves are designed for operating pressure to 250 psi (17 bar).

Meets the NFOPA 1901 Standard for valve opening and closing speed control when oeprated witha gear actuator, electric actuator or Slo-Cloz.

In addition, every valve is factory tested in accordace with current NFPA Standards.


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