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About Us

When you find out about us you will discover our company has more than 50 years of experience within the Fire Industry. With personnel trained by the United States Air Force in Fire Search and Rescue, we possess the knowledge and real world experience it takes to provide quality assurance that you are getting exactly what you need at the price you can afford. Bradford Tri-County Marketing Inc. has been doing business with local fire districts and fire departments around the country for more than 37 years.

The President of Bradford Tri-County Marketing Inc., Jim Bradford, is an exceptional man with over 50 years of service in fire fighting. He was originally trained in the United States Air Force specializing in Crash Fire Rescue.  Upon retiring from the Air Force, he went on to work at his home city’s fire department, the Fort Myers Beach Fire Control District. He later retired as the Chief after 30 years of services within that department.


Our service is unmatched and individualized. We are experienced in dealing with community and Government Agencies across the country. With our knowledge and experience of our FULLY EVT-CERTIFIED STAFF, we know what you need and will do anything in our power to get it for you. Let our expertise assist your department and make your decision easier.

Once you pick a truck, we want you to come see it. That day is yours to do as you wish with the truck. Climb on it, drive it, pump it! You can bring a mechanic to look over the truck because we want you to be sure this is the truck for you and that it will serve your fire depart for many years.

We take pride in our work, we make sure the truck is just the way you want it. Don’t like the color? We can paint it. Want more water? No problem. We’ll work with you to fit your every need. We may offer suggestions to help based on our decades of experience and service to our own communities. All trucks are pump tested and serviced by our EVT Techs before they leave us to make sure you have a 100% working apparatus along with paperwork showing the tests. We can help you with meeting your departments needs for equipment whether you need used or new. Would other truck dealers do this for their customers and make you feel like a big city department? Let our experience and expertise guide you to purchasing the perfect fire truck for you.


Ask about our warranties.  We Offer warranty’s on SELECT trucks that are Shipped from our Locations to your Location. The Warranty may be different on each truck as to the length or amount of time offered.  We do not offer Warranty on Drive outs.


As a courtesy we offer assistance in making arrangements to ship your truck.